Source code for users.receivers

"""Signal receivers for the users app."""

from typing import Type

from django.dispatch import receiver
# XXX: Forward reference warning when under TYPE_CHECKING
from django.http import HttpRequest

from allauth.account.models import EmailAddress
from allauth.account.signals import email_confirmed

[docs]@receiver(email_confirmed) def update_user_email(sender: Type[EmailAddress], request: 'HttpRequest', email_address: EmailAddress, **kwargs): """ Receive a signal when an email address is updated and confirmed. When the signal is received, the new ``email_address`` is made primary and the old email addresses are deleted. :param sender: The model class that sent the signal. :param request: The original request. :param email_address: The new email address. """ email_address.user.is_active = True # Make new email_address primary email_address.set_as_primary() # Get rid of old email addresses EmailAddress.objects.filter( user=email_address.user ).exclude(primary=True).delete()
__all__ = ['update_user_email']