Source code for config.context_processors

"""Custom context processors."""

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Dict

from django.conf import settings

from MangAdventure import __version__ as VERSION
from MangAdventure.jsonld import schema

if TYPE_CHECKING:  # pragma: no cover
    from django.http import HttpRequest

[docs]def extra_settings(request: 'HttpRequest') -> Dict: """ Context processor which defines some settings variables. * ``MANGADV_VERSION``: The current version of MangAdventure. * ``PAGE_URL``: The complete absolute URI of the request. * ``CANON_URL``: The absolute URI of the request minus the query string. * ``config``: A reference to :const:`MangAdventure.settings.CONFIG`. :param request: The current HTTP request. :return: A dictionary containing the variables. """ full_uri = request.build_absolute_uri() base_uri = request.build_absolute_uri('/') path_uri = request.build_absolute_uri(request.path) logo_uri = request.build_absolute_uri(settings.CONFIG['LOGO_OG']) searchbox = schema('WebSite', { 'url': base_uri, 'potentialAction': [{ '@type': 'SearchAction', 'target': f'{base_uri}search/?q={{query}}', 'query-input': 'required name=query' }] }) organization = schema('Organization', { 'url': base_uri, 'logo': logo_uri, 'name': settings.CONFIG['NAME'], 'description': settings.CONFIG['DESCRIPTION'], # 'email': settings.DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL }) return { 'MANGADV_VERSION': VERSION, 'PAGE_URL': full_uri, 'CANON_URL': path_uri, 'config': settings.CONFIG, 'searchbox': searchbox, 'organization': organization }
__all__ = ['extra_settings']