• Fixed page-click navigation
  • Added support for CSP report URI
  • Added nofollow to private links
  • Added noopener & noreferrer to external links
  • Added filters, ordering, search, date hierarchy to admin interface
  • Added images & more info to change lists in admin interface
  • Replaced large/medium/small logos with a single logo
  • Replaced django-tinymce with custom TinyMCE widget
  • Replaced django-constance with .env variables
  • Removed django-static-precompiler dependency


  • Fixed missing fields in series API response
  • Fixed OSError in zipfile_validator
  • Added more blocked user agents & image types
  • Added ability to search by slug (for Tachiyomi)
  • Added PreloadMiddleware for HTTP/2 push
  • Disabled XPBMiddleware
  • Disabled autocomplete in password inputs
  • Replaced JsonVaryAllowResponse with require_methods_api
  • Replaced logo object with img
  • Moved /admin page to /admin-panel
  • Moved redirects & sites admin pages under constance
  • Moved configuration to .env
  • Removed configure command


  • Fixed group addition edge case.
  • Fixed chapter cover images not being closed.
  • Implemented series bookmarking.
  • Added bookmarks feed page.
  • Removed permission to add users from admin interface.


  • Added support for users (registration, login, OAuth, profile, settings)
  • Switched to custom icon font made with fontello & replaced group.png with an SVG image
  • Improved reader page design
  • Fixed thumbnail downsampling for grayscale images
  • Moved templates to MangAdventure directory & renamed skeleton.html to layout.html
  • Converted bad bots list to a python file
  • Configured autogeneration of a secret key
  • Added ColorField for constance
  • Added constance hook to generate _variables.scss & removed inline SCSS
  • Added & for setuptools
  • Added optional configuration for django-csp
  • Compressed tablesort into a single vendored file
  • Converted info page to a flatpage with TinyMCE editor & added privacy policy page
  • Added IRC & Reddit links to groups & members
  • Removed configuration commands and added a configure command that lets users edit a configuration file with an editor
  • Added support for migration from FoolSlide2
  • Added MangaUpdates categories fixture
  • Made series slugs editable & added a signal to move directories on change
  • Added contribute.json & robots.txt


  • Added categories to API.
  • Added series filtering to API.


  • Added categories to series page.
  • Removed sha256 hashes.
  • Removed breadcrumbs.


  • Added series categories
  • Moved /api/ to /api/v1/
  • Made site keywords configurable
  • Added Google breadcrumbs & description
  • Added OpenSearch description
  • Added noscript fallbacks
  • Added X-Powered-By response header
  • Improved database queries


  • Fixed blocked user agents
  • Added default group icon file
  • Added Vary, Allow headers to api responses
  • Moved inline styles & scripts to separate files
  • Replaced pluralize script with count checks
  • Switched to cdnjs for all remote scripts and added SRI hash


  • Converted chapter numbers to float
  • Made page number indicator editable
  • Made page compression optional
  • Added Quality Checker to roles


  • Enabled searching for series via the API


  • Added group info page


  • Added groups app
  • Restructured custom modules
  • Added custom model & form fields
  • Added browser icons to compatibility.rst


  • Added search page
  • Enabled conditional requests
  • Added authors & artists to the API
  • Removed obsolete no_future_date validator
  • Configured API URLs to not require a trailing slash
  • Converted docs to rst


  • Compatibility fixes for Python 2
  • Added compatibility tables
  • Moved index to MangAdventure.urls
  • Renamed settings app to config
  • Resized series cover to thumbnail size


  • Added basic API
  • Added HTTPS support
  • Fixed html meta tags
  • More minor fixes


  • Initial release