Single author

GET /api/v1/authors/:id

Retrieve the info of a certain author.

Request parameters

  • id (int) - The author’s ID.

Example request

curl -i \
     -H 'If-None-Match: cf62b5e432293fc2b7cf32d5f100d415'

Request headers

  • If-None-Match: Send a conditional request checking the ETag header.

Example response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2018 09:35:27 GMT
Server: WSGIServer/0.2 CPython/3.8.13
Content-Type: application/json
ETag: "03785faa8c59138c6c16155f51f53bba"
Content-Length: 141

  "id": 1,
  "name": "John Doe",
  "aliases": ["Johnnie Doe"],
  "series": [
      "slug": "some-manga",
      "title": "Some Manga",
      "aliases": ["Some Mango"]

Response headers

  • Date: The date of the request.

  • Server: Information regarding the server.

  • Content-Type: The content type of the response. (always application/json)

  • ETag: The version identifier of the resource. Useful for caching responses.

  • Content-Length: The size of the response body in bytes.

Response body

The response body is a JSON object which contains the following:

  • id (int) - The ID of the author.

  • name (string) - The name of the author.

  • aliases (array of string) - The author’s other names.

  • series (array of object) - The author’s series. Each object contains the following:

    • slug (slug) - The slug of the series.

    • title (string) - The title of the series.

    • aliases (array of string) - Other names for the series.

Status Codes